Color Blind Test – Now Available Online

November 12, 2012

Color Blind Test – Now Available Online

Only very rarely does color blindness actually mean that the person cannot see colors and can only see black and white. Because of this misconception the condition properly known as color vision deficiency is generally known as color blindness. And people who are born with color blindness may never know that they are color blind depending on which career route they take. Being color blind at birth means that you will live your life that way as there is no cure for the condition.

Many people do not even know that they have the condition because they have never had a color blind test. And generally men are far more likely to be color blind. About one man in twelve is color blind yet only about one woman in two hundred has the condition. This means when deciding on who should have a color blind test then it is far more likely to be the man.

There are various kinds of color vision deficiencies and they can be experienced with different severities. However modern color blind tests can identify the seriousness of the condition. The vast majority of individuals who are color blind live out their lives with very little difference to those with no color vision deficiencies.

A very common color blind test is the 38 plate Ishihara Color Vision Test. This test was originally developed by Shinobu Ishihara an ophthalmologist who lived from 1879 until 1963. The test is useful when doing a color blind test for red or green deficiencies. However the Pseudoisochromatic Plate Ishihara Compatible (PIPIC) Color Vision Test 24 Plate Edition can detect and classify the degree of the color blindness and is suitable for testing for all types of color deficiency.

Some larger establishments use a device known as an anomaloscope. This is a very expensive piece of testing equipment and is the most accurate method to identify and classify any deficiency and it will also indicate the severity of the condition. The results from taking a color blind test with this equipment are comprehensive and will identify whether the individual is green weak or red weak, or if it is a dichromate or anomalous trichromate.

Nowadays with the advent of the internet you can do it yourself. There are color blind tests available online based on the Ishihara color plates. Because computer monitors are all different as are the environments they are used in these tests should only be used to give an indication. Different ambient light levels can cause different results. However if anything untoward is noticed then a visit to a professional ophthalmologist is required.

Not only has technology advanced, so has color blind testing techniques. Previously testing young children for color blindness was fraught with difficulties because the whole idea of testing is about the individual saying what he or she sees. With children at a young age they do not understand what they see or are looking for, especially numbers which they may have yet to be taught. Now ophthalmologists understand this and use shapes as the test. Things like a star, square, or circle can be used, as can outlines of a boat, balloon and dog. The testing remains fun for the child and now children as young as three years old can be tested and when earlier trials took place it was found to be 100% successful when tested with kindergarten pupils.


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