Celebrity Diets

November 12, 2012

Celebrity Diets

Every celebrity has their own preferences when it comes to diets. They also have workouts and weight loss programs that they believe work best for them. Here is a brief description of some of the most popular celebrity diets.

The Atkins diet

The theory behind the Atkins diet is to eliminate all carbohydrates from the diet forcing the body into a state of ketosis. When in ketosis the body resorts to using body fat as its energy source, leading to dramatic weight loss. During the first two weeks of the diet the only foods that are allowed are fats, meats and some cheeses. After the initial two weeks, carbohydrates can gradually be reincorporated back into the diet.

The low carbohydrate diet

This diet is similar to the Atkins diet but carbohydrates are generally avoided for a longer period. Many celebrities as well as non-celebrity followers claim to be able to eat as much of the allowed foods as they like and continue to lose weight or at least maintain their ideal weight. This one of the celebrity diets is followed Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and LL Cool J.

Balanced Diet

Despite the many celebrity diets, a balanced diet is still the one most commonly recommended by dieticians and health professionals. Food should be consumed from the three food groups, protein, carbohydrates and fats during every meal and in the recommended proportions. This will encourage weight loss as well as maintain good general health.

The blood type diet

This is one of the celebrity diets that have become popular in recent years. The theory behind this diet is that your diet should vary depending on your blood group. Blood group is referred to as the hunter diet and is largely focused on meat. Blood group A is labelled the cultivator with a focus on vegetarian foods and completely eliminates meat. Blood group B is the nomad group and should include plenty of dairy products. Individuals with an AB blood type are considered the most evolved and can eat a diet of a combination of blood type A and B’s diets.

The David Kirsch Diet

This is one of the celebrity diets that have a large focus on exercise as well as diet. He recommends workouts including lots of cardio, lunges, squats and weights with many repetitions. When it comes to the diet, all you have to remember is ABCDEF, which refers to the foods that you should avoid; alcohol, bread, starchy carbs, dairy, extra sweets, fruits and most fats.

Diabetic Diet

As well as being one of the celebrity diets, this diet is also necessary for individuals with diabetes. Each case of diabetes is specific to the individual and diets need to be created personally to fit into each person lifestyles. Some of the general rules are to eat small but often, reduce fats, limit sweets, eat whole grains, fruits and vegetables and limit alcohol.

The Jenny Craig diet

This is one of the celebrity diets that consists of pre-packaged meals that are ready to eat and designed to promote weight loss. It is a low calorie diet, on which Kirstie Alley has used to lose a lot of weight.

Low fat diet

These dieters have to keep careful track of their fat consumption. 20% to 30% of calories should be fat but it is important that at least 20% of the total calorie intake should be essential, healthy unsaturated fats.

The raw food diet

This is one of the most popular celebrity diets with followers including Sting. The only foods that are allowed are those that are unprocessed and at least 75% of the diet should be uncooked. Allowed foods include nuts, vegetables, fruits, beans, grains, seaweeds and fresh fruit juices.

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