Breast health

November 12, 2012

Breast health

There is much emphasis in our cultures today to look after our bodies. Most of us do this by regular trips to the gym or other forms of exercise alongside a healthy diet filled with natural foods. However, diseases such as breast cancer have reached extreme proportions among women with more and more women being diagnosed each day, and this is something that we cannot necessarily control by good diet and regular exercise! So what can we do to keep an eye on our breast health? Are there particular things we can eat to reduce the likelihood of us developing this disease? There are many more natural ways we can protect ourselves from diseases that don’t involve huge medical expenses and being poked and prodded by physicians – they have been tested over time and used by many, many civilizations long before new medical technology came on the scene.

So to maintain your breast health and decrease your chances of developing cancer of the breast, here are some helpful tips and changes you can make to your lifestyle that may be the difference between life and death:

  • Increase your Vitamin D – recent studies have shown that vitamin D is highly effective in killing cancerous cells and is therefore really beneficial for your breast health. The best way to increase your vitamin D intake is to go out into the sun regularly (make sure you protect your skin and don’t purposely burn!) as well as consuming vitamin D dietary supplements.

  • Drink More Green Tea – there have been many studies into the health benefits of green tea in recent years. It has long been recommended to dieters and people who are trying to shift the pounds as a metabolizing drink that helps you burn more calories and cleanse your system. However it has now been studied in light of cancer and breast health. It has been found that women who drink more than 2 cups of green tea each day reduce their risk of developing breast cancer by 37%. The green tea reduced the risk of recurring breast cancer specifically, and after further study, experts believe that the polyphenols that are found in green tea help to inhibit the cancerous cells of breast related cancers.

  • Eliminate all Toxins and Poisons – this is a general rule that applies when promoting a healthy lifestyle, avoiding dangerous poisons, toxins and chemicals. It is difficult to control the environmental toxins we are exposed to, but we can definitely control the chemicals we ingest. It is important to remember that by living in constant stress and worry we are exposing our body to things that are damaging to our health, so it is important to maintain a lifestyle of calm and peacefulness alongside a healthy diet.

If you suspect that you have a cancerous mass in your breast and are worried about your breast health, you can ask your physician about thermography. It is a proven way to detect cancerous masses in your breast tissue and you do not risk exposure to harmful radiation like you would if having a mammogram.


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