Brain tumor symptoms

November 12, 2012

Brain tumor symptoms

A frontal lobe brain tumor can be either benign or cancerous. Both types can produce a variety of brain tumor symptoms.

Frontal lobe brain tumors

No matter whether the tumor is cancerous or not, it will produce a variety of brain tumor symptoms. As tumors have the ability to damage and destroy cells, which may cause temporary or permanent damage. Inflammation can also occur and as the tumor grows it is likely to put pressure on the surrounding tissues. The frontal lobe is responsible for the control of voluntary movement, intellectual functioning, thought processes, behaviour and memory so these are all of the functions that can be affected and impaired by a frontal lobe brain tumor.


Paralysis is another of the potential brain tumor symptoms of a frontal lobe brain tumor and when it does occur it will be to one side of the body according to the American Brain Tumor Association. When this symptom occurs it can help the doctor to diagnose the brain tumor and also gives them an idea of what side of the brain it may be located. This is due to the fact that the left side of the frontal lobe controls the right side of the body and the right side of the frontal lobe controls the left side of the body. Therefore it is common for an individual who is suffering from paralysis to the right side of their body to have a left frontal lobe tumor.


Seizures are a common brain tumor symptoms with one in three of those diagnosed with a brain tumor experiencing them at some point. Unusual sensations, convulsions and loss of consciousness are all common as a result of disrupted brain activity in the same area. Seizures include muscle twitching and jerking and can also lead to abnormal or increased sensitivity to tastes and smells.

Further brain tumor symptoms

Personality changes are another of the common brain tumor symptoms and can affect behaviour and judgement. Patients can become more moody and display inappropriate or irrational emotions. Memory loss is also common as the tumor in this area is pressing against the part of the brain that control memory so short-term memory loss can be an early symptom. Impaired vision can occur if the optic nerve becomes swollen.


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