Bodybuilding in the female world

November 12, 2012

Bodybuilding in the female world

Female muscle building should be approached in a different way from that of her male partner. A woman’s body is not the same and by embracing the differences and targeting your workout with this in mind you will achieve your goals more efficiently.

The basics

The basics of body building consist of muscle stimulation by stress overload followed by rest and nutrition. The following exercised are especially formulated with the female body builder in mind.

  • Weights and repetitions

    – Woman don’t need to do as many as men, if you want lean long muscles 12 to 15 repetitions is plenty. However you do need to maintain heavy weights. 10s and 15s are a must and if you can, try a 20.

  • Volume

    – Women have lower levels of growth hormone and testosterone and therefore the need for volume is reduced. The number of sets you do can be from to 2 to 4, compared with a male set of 5.

  • Rest

    – A female bodybuilder actually needs less rest between exercises than her male counterpart due to the difference in testosterone levels. A woman can use between 30 and 60 seconds and if necessary up to 90 if it is needed.

  • Cardio

    – Due to the female tendency to store body fat, it is a good idea to use cardio to keep those fat stores at bay! Cardio exercises should be done for 20 or 30 minutes a few times a week.

By following the above steps your muscle building programme is tailored to your needs as a woman and you can train in the knowledge that what you are doing is right for you.

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