Body Fat Calculator

November 12, 2012

Body Fat Calculator

Body fat calculators use differing methods to estimate the amount of fat in a body. One system which is suggested on the internet recommends a simple, yet accurate approach.

The body fat calculator measures the amount of body fat in particular areas and can be carried out using a measuring tape.

Having an awareness of the amount of fat in the body is achieved by using the body fat calculator provides more information compared to other tests. Results from the test show the correct weight which you should be, the amount of muscle and fat in your body and what is needed to be carried out to help with weight gain or weight loss. By knowing the number from the body fat calculator an exercise routine can be planned to achieve the maximum benefits.

The measuring tape test can be used to get an estimated figure of the percentage of body fat. It is a fairly accurate test. A male who gets 17% from the test can expect the true percentage of body fat to be approximately 15 to 19%.

The body fat calculator may not give accurate results for people who are extremely fit. The numbers may be 3 to 5% above the true percentage of their body fat. The muscles in people who are fit do not have lots of fat in them. So the results from the measuring test do not provide a true picture of the amount of body fat. Fit people tend to have lower body fat.

A person who is thin but takes no part in any exercise and is considered unfit may achieve a body fat number 3 to 5% below their real body fat number. Appearing thin, but not being fit means the amount of fat may be higher but it is just not visible.

The measuring tape test allows you to have control of when you want to test, and it can be done as many times as you like. Plus there is no real cost associated with it. The best thing about doing this test is you are able to see the results of the changes you have put in place.

Determining what amount of body fat is healthy depends on your race. For an average white American male it is 22% and for females is 32%. In African-American males this figure is 12%, for females itÂ’s 19%. Asian men should be 18% and 25% in females. In Caucasian males the figure is 15% and for Caucasian females is 22%. For athletes at the top of their game the figure is between 3 and 12% for males and for female athletes it is between 10 and 18%. These figures have been estimated by use of an underwater immersion test.

African-Americans bones are more dense so they sink in water without any problems. The bones of people who are Asian are porous and lighter in weight so floating is much easier. These variations mean African-Americans who are healthy should be lower in the percentage of body fat compared to Caucasians and Asians. The body fat in Asians should be at a higher percentage compared to Caucasians and African-Americans.

To achieve the best results from the body fat calculator do the measurements on a monthly basis. This means you will see the changes in the body fat percentage because of the change in diet and exercising more.


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