Body fat calculator

November 12, 2012

Body fat calculator

Working out you’re your body fat percentage is a simple process that gives a good indication of whether or not you are of healthy weight and a body fat calculator is a great tool to help you do so.

What is body fat?

The term body fat refers to the percentage of body fat a person is carrying in relation to their entire body weight. For example an individual weighting 150 pounds with 10 percent body fat is carrying 15 pounds of fat. In order to be healthy everyone requires a certain amount of body fat but when ones percentage of body fat falls too low or becomes too high, that person can be considered either under or over weight and are likely to be at an increased risk of health concerns. Height and weight can be used to work out each individual’s ideal healthy body weight and a body fat calculator can help. A body fat calculator is a device that once you enter some basic information will tell you the percentage of body fat you are carrying and whether or not you fall into the healthy weight range.

What is a body fat calculator?

There are certain factors that some individuals have to take into account but in general anyone who has over 30 percent body fat is considered to be overweight or obese. The optimum body fat varies from person to person and depends on a number of things including age, gender and how much physical activity they partake in. A body fat calculator will take all of this into account to provide a fairly accurate estimation of your body fat percentage. Not only is too much body fat considered to be unhealthy but so is too little body fat. It can be just as dangerous and have just as many health implications if your body fat percentage is too low. There are many body fat calculator tools that can be found online and done at home or if you would prefer some assistance most personal trainers or gym’s will be able to help.

In a gym, your personal trainer may decide to use callipers, which are able to measure folds in the skin. They will also take other information including height and weight and then enter the measurements into the body fat calculator. This method provides more accurate results than the simplified online versions unless you wish to purchase a calliper to use at home so that you can also include these measurements when calculating your body fat percentage. When taking measurements try to be as exact as possible as the results are going to give an indication of your overall health and the potential health problems you are risk of based on body fat percentage. Eating a healthy and diet and getting plenty of exercise are the best ways to bring or maintain your body fat in a healthy range.

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