Best Metabolism Boosting Foods

November 12, 2012

Best Metabolism Boosting Foods

Help yourself lose weight by selecting to eat metabolism boosting foods. These foods are more thoroughly digested by the body so that they will not go into already existing fat deposits. Eating several small meals throughout the day can also help speed up your body’s metabolic rate. The body needs to calories to digestion – no matter how small the meal is. Everyone’s body metabolism slows down after they reach the age of 40. The body can no longer burn off large amounts of calories. Anyone over 40 needs to pay special attention to what they eat or drink or it will turn into unhealthy fat. There is no need to starve yourself once you turn 40. Just eat more metabolism boosting foods and also exercise. You should also quit smoking because tobacco smoke slows down metabolism. Chewy Foods The act of chewing helps you to burn calories. You can make many menus with these chewy metabolism boosting foods:

  • Lean non-breaded cuts of meat

  • Non-breaded tuna, salmon or sardines that have not been smothered in sauce

  • Peanut butter on whole-grain bread

  • Fresh vegetables or lightly cooked vegetables so that they are still somewhat crunchy

  • Breakfast cereals made with whole grains

  • Other products made with whole grains, such as rolls or pasta

  • Oatmeal or porridge oats

  • Brown or wild rice

  • Fresh or lightly roasted fruits, especially citrus fruits, apples and blueberries

  • Raw, unsweetened almonds

Chewy sweets or toffee does not count as metabolism boosting foods.

Other Foods

Do you like it hot? Those fiery chilies, garlic, onions, turmeric and hot peppers are metabolism boosting foods. Milder spices also help to boost your metabolism, including oregano, cinnamon, ginger, thyme, bay leaves, cloves and rosemary. A 2011 study from Penn State University suggested that just smelling spices helps to reduce the appetite so that you are less prone to overeating. Spices also help lower triglyceride levels and introduced antioxidants into your diet. Meals should include 1 to 2 tablespoons of spices for best effects.

Other metabolism boosting foods include eggs (especially egg whites); low-fat yogurt and whey protein. Soup, except for creamed soups, also helps boost the metabolism because of spices and because the hot liquid helps fill you up, making you less tempted to binge on unhealthy foods.


Many popular beverages like beer, soda pop, energy drinks or even fruit juice contain empty calories. They may taste good and fill you up, but they do not provide any substantial nutritional benefits. These beverages also contain lots of sugar, which may help momentarily wake you up but slows the metabolism down.

Beverages that do help speed up your metabolism and help provide you with nutrients include skim or fat-free milk, green tea, herbal tea and water. Water is a nutrient in and of itself and helps to fill you up. Some nutritionists claim that caffeinated beverages help boost metabolism while others claim that more than one cup of coffee per day can cause more harm than good. People have varying tolerance levels to caffeine. Moderation is the key.


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