Bacterial vaginosis treatment

November 12, 2012

Bacterial vaginosis treatment

Bacterial vaginosis is a common but distressing condition resulting from normal bacteria in the vagina. A woman with bacterial vaginosis will experience a foul smelling discharge which may at first appear to be a yeast infection. It is important to seek medical advice in the event of any discharge so that other conditions can be eliminated and the bacterial vaginosis treatment can begin. The nature of the condition means that women who suffer with it will want to have it treated as quickly as possible and it may mean that they are too embarrassed to seek the advice of their doctor – however self help bacterial vaginosis treatment can exacerbate the problem – the use of antibiotics in particular may not be especially helpful since they tend to kill all the bacteria – both good and bad. It may be that the use of natural remedies is much more beneficial at both bacterial vaginosis treatment and ensuring it does not return as is so often the case. There are a number of simple things a woman can do in order to treat and protect against the condition.

  • Use two or three cups of cider vinegar in a shallow bath daily if possible.

  • Add 10 – 12 drops of tea tree oil to a shallow bath; you can also apply tea tree oil in dilution to the affected area.

  • Add Probiotics products to your diet, for example yogurt, which contain good bacteria such as lactobacillus.

  • Treat the area with live yogurt – using a tampon soaked in live yogurt has proven to be an effective bacterial vaginosis treatment

  • Take a garlic supplement or add garlic to your diet.

  • Drink tracheal tea at bedtime – if you don¬ít like the taste it is possible to get the herb in tablet form.

  • Take a Goldenseal supplement – Goldenseal is recognised as having immune system boosting properties.

  • If you can get some Acidophilus powder or capsules (which you can open to release the powder), mix with a small amount of water to make a stiff paste and then apply this to the affected area – inside and out – this is a bacterial vaginosis treatment which many women have found to be extremely effective.

  • Take a folic acid supplement

As with many conditions we may experience it is possible to take precautions against the development of this rather unpleasant problem.

  • Limit your sexual partners – having many sexual partners will significantly increase your risk of developing bacterial vaginosis.

  • Practice safe sex.

  • Wash daily with un-perfumed soap products but do not over wash!

  • Change tampons regularly

Whilst bacterial vaginosis is particularly unpleasant and distressing condition there are a number of lifestyle changes you can make to reduce your risk of developing it and should you develop it then these natural remedies should improve your chances of curing yourself and staying cured!

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