Are you Aware that a Yeast Infection can Cause Pelvic Pain?

November 12, 2012

Are you Aware that a Yeast Infection can Cause Pelvic Pain?

If you have a vaginal yeast infection, you may be experiencing pelvic pain. Do you know why?

It’s amazing what the body can withstand. There are many pathogens just waiting to take over including bacteria, viruses, protozoans, worms and fungus to mention a few. For the most part our immune systems protects us from these harmful invaders, but from time to time our immune systems run amok. Sometimes because we are in poor health due to stress or not eating properly yet other times do to the overuse of prescription drugs. The overuse of antibiotics has brought about imbalances in the flora and fauna in our bodies. In particular, the killing off of good bacteria and allowing yeast to take over. If you’ve been subjected to this and have had this problem for a while then you know the nasty side effects associated with it. This isn’t just a problem for women but also men who have been on antibiotics. One major symptom of a yeast infection is pelvic pain.

Candida Albicans

The yeast infection I’m referring to involves Candida albicans. In general females have a problem with this yeast in the vaginal area due to changes in hormones during their monthly cycle and pregnancy. However, with the overuse of antibiotics, Candida albicans has become systemic in many individuals with a number of harmful side effects including pelvic pain. These yeast will grow in your mouth, anal area, skin and eyes. This can cause burning and itching and possible rash on the skin. If this spreads to internal organs, this may have serious consequences. It’s even possible for it to spread to the brain with fatal consequences in which case pelvic pain would seem a minor side effect.

How Yeast Work

For women who are plagued with a vaginal yeast infection, you know the symptoms only oh to well. You’ll have a whitish to light yellow curdy discharge. Fortunately it has a pleasant sweet odor unlike other types of vaginal infections and particularly sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). If you’ve ever passed a bakery in the morning, you’ve probably enjoyed the smell of bread baking. Actually, what that smell is the alcohol evaporating from the bread that the yeast produced during anaerobic respiration. The yeast also produce a gas CO2 (carbon dioxide) that is responsible for the dough rising. The yeast in the vaginal area do the same thing. They produce CO2 gas and alcohol. You’ll notice that you’ll have a little gas pass out of the vaginal area along with alcohol. This is the sweet yeast smell. When this yeast infection becomes excessive it can eat into the vaginal wall and create soreness and possibly pelvic pain. This can cause problems for sexual intercourse, as the vaginal wall is irritated and somewhat compromised. You’ll need to see your GYN-OB if you are experiencing vaginal wall soreness and pelvic pain.


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