Are There Really Any HCG Diet Dangers

November 12, 2012

Are There Really Any HCG Diet Dangers

Despite the many diet options currently known and continuing to be developed, dieters always seem to be looking for the next new miraculous diet. The latest one that is beginning to catch people’s attention is the HCG diet with many people raving about the success they have had on this diet. Not everyone is convinced though, with some medical professionals claiming that there are potential HCG diet dangers.

There are many opinions and question marks surfacing over the HCG diet dangers and whether or not it is as beneficial as it claims to be. Many of the people doubting the diet are only doing so in order to promote their own diet claiming that it is safer or better than the hCG diet. Therefore much of the information and advice being provided is bias in some way rather factual and helpful. Make sure to be aware of the source of information and check with your doctor for accurate advice. For those of you who are not currently aware of the diet, it basically requires injecting yourself or taking oral drops of the pregnancy hormone known as hCG combined with an extremely low calorie intake of just 500 per day.

Someone who has actually completed the diet and is simply providing their opinion on the diet and the results that they experienced has provided this information. So are there really and HCG diet dangers to be aware of?

First of all, both the results and risks of HCG diet dangers vary depending on the method used to take the hormone. The injection offers more risks, as it requires you to mix the HCG, prepare the syringe and then self inject the hormone. There are many opportunities to make a mistake during this preparation, which could lead to serious health problems and complications. The shot is required everyday and is quite a high dosage. If using the injection method it is highly recommended to visit your doctor every couple of days and to make sure that get a proper medically prescribed prescription. Many people are opting to buy their injections online from overseas sellers. It goes without saying that this is risky as you cannot be sure what you are getting; this can pose many HCG diet dangers. Injecting yourself can be dangerous even when used strictly for medical benefits and many on lookers think that it is ridiculous that some people are willingly making the choice to inject themselves daily.

The second method and in this case the preferred and recommended method is to take oral drops, known as an HCG diet accelerator. These drops are cheaper, contain a smaller dose of the hormone, and are available without prescription. It is also safer and more convenient to take it orally as swallowing a small capsule is much easier than injecting. Additionally, it does not require any intervention from a doctor or nurse but rather can be done safely from home. The only factor to stay aware of is scam companies selling fake versions of the product. Always buy from a trusted store or company and look for the FDA certification. As always when starting a new diet, especially one that involves taking supplements ask your doctor for advice first as they can make you fully aware of any HCG diet dangers.

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