Aesthetic Plastic Surgery – What Options Do People Have?

November 12, 2012

Aesthetic Plastic Surgery - What Options Do People Have?

Without a doubt, there are a lot of different body parts that people wish to enhance in one way or another nowadays. Because of this, it only makes sense that there are a lot of procedures of aesthetic plastic surgery that cater to these wishes, as well. These procedures may range from enlarging a woman’s breasts and reshaping somebody’s nose to liposuction to get rid of unwanted body fat and hair transplants to give balding men a full head of hair again. For decades, aesthetic plastic surgery, or cosmetic surgery, was actually frowned upon within the medical field because the procedures involved with it weren’t exactly medically necessary. In other words, people who get this time of surgery done aren’t always sick or have gross deformities. In fact, most of the time, people jump into the cosmetic surgery bandwagon because of mere vanity or because they simply want to improve their looks for some reason.

The different types of procedures

Nowadays, however, tons of procedures are done in the field of aesthetic plastic surgery, a lot of which are outpatient procedures that don’t require any overnight stays at the hospital. However, the overall complexity of these procedures may vary from one to the other. Breast enlargements, for instance, are done with a basic incision in the breasts, after which they are filled with bag-like structures full of saline or silicone. These structures are then sewn into place afterwards to give off a look of bigger breasts. Conversely, facelifts involve cuts in the skin that go from the back of the ears to the hairline. Any loose skin can be stretched up from the neck to be stitched together in a new way to get a wrinkle-free and tighter look.

Another kind of facial aesthetic surgery would be skin peeling. This procedure mainly involves patients who have scarred faces because of diseases or acne. Skin peeling can remove the surface layers of the skin with the help of mechanical tools that will grind the skin down or scrape it off. Now, if somebody wants to get a new nose, though, they will need to look into a type of surgery that involves making cuts in the nose to prevent scarring and reshaping and breaking the nasal bone from the inside. Another facial aesthetic plastic surgery would be the eyelid tuck. This procedure basically gets rid of any fleshy eye bags that might be visible underneath the patient’s eyes.


One of the most commo

n aesthetic plastic surgery procedures within the last few years, though, would be liposuction. Originating in France, this particular procedure involves getting rid of fat from certain parts of the body and it does this by sucking the fat out with a long probe that is made out of metal and connected to a huge pump. As disgusting as this might sound, liposuction actually keeps getting more popular day by day. Overall, this popularity can probably be attributed to the significant improvements made in reconstructive and plastic surgery – something that both men and women alike are starting to appreciate more and more.


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