A Candida diet is so boring!

November 12, 2012

A Candida diet is so boring!

Candida is an organism found in the gut of almost every human being, when the fungus is at healthy levels it helps in maintaining the health of the gut, however, in certain circumstances – which, as yet, remain unclear – the fungus will multiply very rapidly giving rise to an unpleasant, uncomfortable yeast infection, which may also be difficult to treat.

Anyone who is prone to repeated yeast infections may be well advised to follow a Candida diet in order to inhibit the growth of this opportunistic fungus.

Healthy fast food

Many people assume that there is no such thing as healthy fast food – but this is simply not true and even when following a Candida diet it is possible to make great food choices in almost any fast food restaurant. Whilst we all dream of being able to cook great meals that are healthy and nutritious sometimes it is just not possible due to the hectic nature of our lifestyles, choosing a healthy fast food alternative should be something that we can all do occasionally.

Avoid sugar

One of the most important things anyone who suffers with yeast infections can do is to avoid sugar as much as possible. This may be much harder than you think since sugar is present in so many food products. An excellent way of excluding sugar from your diet is to choose fresh foods wherever possible and to refrain from adding extra sugar to your food and drinks. Always choose the low-sugar or light alternative in order to see fast results from the Candida diet. Avoiding sugar when dining in a fast food restaurant may mean missing out on dessert Рbut don’t be afraid of asking for some fresh fruit as an alternative.

Fruit and vegetables

Fresh fruit and vegetables are an essential part of any healthy well balanced diet, not just a Candida diet. By choosing a wide variety of colours for your fruit and vegetables, you will be sure of getting the whole range of vitamins, minerals and nutrients needed for a healthy lifestyle. When eating at a fast food outlet try to choose those dishes that are vegetable or salad based.

Check before you go

These days it is very easy to discover which fast food restaurant offers the healthiest choices for any type of diet – not just a Candida diet. Simply go online and check out the menus of each of your local eateries, many restaurants now give the nutritional values of their dishes making it easy to avoid those with too much starch or sugar.

What to look for

When comparing menu items it is a good idea to know what to look for in order to maintain your Candida levels -

  • Who has the best range of salad items?

  • A great burger is always delicious and, without a bun, can be enjoyed without worrying about a yeast infection.

  • Sandwiches which are bread free can be requested if not already available

  • Grilled meat choices with no coatings

  • Reduced sugar salad dressings

  • Avoid dishes with extra bread products such as croutons

  • Avoid carbohydrates as much as possible.

If, when you go out to eat, you stick to healthy protein, fresh fruit and vegetables along with low sugar choices for drinks and dressings you will have no problem maintaining a healthy eating regime that will keep any yeast infection at bay.


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