3D Ultrasound Pictures

November 12, 2012

3D Ultrasound Pictures

Are you pregnant right now? Congratulations! Have you already made an appointment for 3D ultrasound pictures, then? If so, then you must be really excited to see them. After all, you will be able to get a glimpse of your baby months before you give birth. However, since these pictures are quite expensive, how can you make sure you get your money’s worth and get great and memorable pictures out of the deal in the end? Find out here.

Step One: Choose the perfect time to go.

If all you really want to find out right now is the gender of your baby, then you only have to wait for 17 weeks before getting your 3D ultrasound pictures. If you go earlier than that, though, you might not get any accurate results and you would have just wasted a lot of money that could have been spent on painting your baby’s nursery instead.

On the other hand, if what you really want to get is a closeup image of your baby’s face, then you should go between week 28 and week 32. A lot of the time, there will be less fluid in your womb after week 32, so you might not get great pictures anymore. Also, your baby might have moved into your pelvis by then and you might not get a good view of him or her anymore.

To ensure that you get the best pictures possible, it would be highly recommended to go and get your ultrasound pictures taken between week 24 and week 32.

Step Two: Drink a lot of water in the weeks prior to your appointment.

A lot of water means at least eight glasses everyday. Doing so will ensure that you have enough fluid in your womb and clear up your amniotic fluid to make sure that you get ultra 3D ultrasound pictures in the end.

Step Three: Relax.

Unlike with a medical ultrasound, there is no need to go into your 3D picture appointment with a full bladder. Instead, just focus on relaxing and getting comfortable, so as to make the experience more enjoyable for you. Overall, a full bladder really won’t make much of a difference when it comes to 3D ultrasounds. However, if you have already failed to take good 3D pictures of your baby before, then the ultrasound technician might ask you to come in with a fuller bladder this time around. This hardly ever happens, though.

Top Tips to Follow:

If you’re expecting twins, it would be best to get your 3D ultrasound pictures taken a little earlier between week 22 and week 28.

Check the credentials of your ultrasound center of choice and make sure that their ultrasound technicians are all certified before getting your pictures taken there.

Good 3D ultrasound pictures might depend on which ultrasound machine is used, which ultrasound technician does the procedure, and what your baby is like during the procedure. Sometimes, babies simply aren’t in good positions for ultrasounds, so don’t let your anger out on the technician just because you didn’t get any good 3D pictures of your baby this time around.


Make sure a medical director is around for your safety.

Although it is sometimes customary for ultrasound technicians to press and prod on pregnant women’s bellies, any discomfort should be a sign to tell them to stop right away.


You should know your body best and if something feels wrong, it probably is.

Don’t drink anything with caffeine in it just to stimulate your baby before getting your 3D ultrasound pictures taken. Although this might work, it could make your placenta’s blood vessels constrict and this could, in turn, result in impaired development or growth restriction. No matter how excited you are about seeing your baby, his or her health should always come first.

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